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Five pointers to help you with office relocation

Relocation is every entrepreneur’s nightmare because things hardly ever go as planned. Here are five pointers to keep in mind when you move your office.

Budget your relocation

Movers do not come cheap today. You already have incurred a lot of expenditure in setting up your new office. Therefore, it is important that you plan your relocation even while the new office is being readied. Get estimates from several movers – many would ask you to list the items to be moved. Remember that costs vary and they depend on whether you are moving to a new building down the road; or to the other end of town.

Get a team to handle relocation

Ask a few employees to help you move into the new office. These people will not only ensure that everything gets packed and delivered; but would also assist the movers in setting up the new office.

Foresee down time

You probably have done everything to ensure that operations do not suffer, or that clients are not kept waiting the day you are moving. But heavy downpour could delay your move to the new location by a few hours or even a day. Equip your employees with laptops and data cards if possible. Ask them to work from home for a few days – operations do not suffer.

Expect the unexpected

Unless you are moving to a plug-and-play facility, that is a serviced office, you will encounter teething problems. For instance, phone lines might not work. A brand new UPS fails to power computers during a power outage on the very first day. Expect the unexpected.

Keep your cool

Moving will be stressful. Do not bark at employees or the movers. Carry a hip flask; get a pack of cigarettes or whatever it takes to help you stay calm.