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Etiquette for business event invitations

As an entrepreneur, you might have to extend invitations to various events like meetings, conferences, parties and other events, to different parties associated with your business. It is advisable to follow the right etiquette while inviting people to your business event.

SupportBiz presents the factors that constitute the right etiquette for extending business invitations.

Mode of invitation

There are several ways in which you can send out your invitation – telephone, e-mail, or a formal letter. Choose the mode of invitation carefully, after considering the nature of the business event you are organising and the kinds of people who would be attending. In case of major events, it is always advisable to send out an invite through e-mail or letter first, and then make a follow-up call to the guests, to reinforce the point.

Type of invitation

While designing an invitation card for your business event, ensure that it is as clutter-free, crisp and courteous as possible. Your invitation card should be visually pleasing, but do not make it look too garish with extremely bold colours and a number of fonts. Do ascertain that the writing on the card is easily readable. It is advisable to follow a formal design for the card, except if it is for a very informal or creative event.

In case of a verbal invitation, too, ensure that your tone is pleasant and courteous, and that you are brief and speak to-the-point.


In your invitation cards, ensure that you include all important details that will be of use to the intended guests. Include major details like location of the event, timings, and the purpose. If possible, include a brief agenda of the event. If a special guest is attending the event, you might want to consider including his/her name and a short biography in your invitation card. Also, do consider the possibility of including whether or not lunch/dinner or refreshments will be served at the event, for the convenience of the guests.

Advance notice

Send out your invitations well in advance before the event, giving the intended guests enough time to think over it and determine whether they will be able to attend it or not. Do not keep this task pending till the last minute before the event.

Offering advance notice will help the guests rearrange or block their schedules for your event, or prepare any presentations, speeches or reports that might be required of them at the event.


Recheck all the information that you are providing on the invitation cards, and ensure whether everything is accurate.

Ensure that you recheck your guest list a couple of times, and ascertain that no name has been left out. Also, once the invitations are sent out, make sure you recheck the list again, to ensure that none of the intended guests has not been given one.


If there are any changes in the event schedule after the invitations are sent out, it is your duty to communicate the same to the guests in advance. You can communicate such changes when you make a follow-up call up the guests before the event.