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Managing Growth

Entrepreneurs should be prepared before the VC pitch

It is very important for every organization to become agile for growth, it is equally important to keep the business processes in good shape. This is a successful mantra for every growing business which is hunting for venture capital.


Here is a list of key points that an entrepreneur must look at while preparing himself to pitch to VCs.

  • Prepare a detailed summary about why your company requires additional capita
  • A catchy presentation to introduce the business concept. This should be presented in a crisp manner.
  • The entrepreneur must do proper research regarding the market as to which all venture capital firms can work with your business plan. There has to be some options for the venture capital firms.
  • Initiate a proactive communication dialogue with the venture capital firm.
  • Prepare a complete profile of key management people involved in the project/company. And share it with the VCs.
  • A strong follow up is needed after the introduction or the first meeting with the VCs. Attach your business's executive summary for review.
  • Prepare an exit plan for the VC who shows interest in the project.
  • Prepare a broad future outlook of your business.
  • Share a complete overview about the returns that you expect from the business and its viability.
  • Also share a brief outline about how you established or conceived the business.
  • Share with them a comprehensive market overview about your target segment.
  • Highlight the key value that you can deliver to the market.

Before making a pitch to the VC firm, entrepreneurs must have to prepare themselves with these key points. This will ease the pressure of failure. With such preparedness, the success ratio is also expected to be higher.