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Eight tips for a great corporate website

Your business website is, often, the first introduction of your firm to outsiders. It often creates, in the minds of outsiders, the first impression about your firm. Hence, it is crucial that your corporate website be just perfect.

SupportBiz lists eight tips for a great corporate website.

1.     Use SEO.

Spend time, effort and money in understanding the concept of ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO), and ensure that it is used on your corporate website. SEO will ensure that the right kind of content appears on your website, enabling it to be picked up by search engines and reach the right potential customers. In other words, SEO will help you build a search-friendly website, which is a must if you desire to achieve a steady increase in sales.

2.     Check for compatibility.

Today, people use different kinds of devices for internet browsing, from personal computers and laptops to mobile phones and tablets. It is, hence, essential that your corporate website be compatible with all these types of devices. Ensure that your business website looks good on most devices.

3.     Approve design fully before website building.

A good website design company will offer you sittings with the designer, during the process of building your corporate website, so that you can discuss and agree upon what will work for you and what will not. It is easier to make changes in the design during the website-building stage, as compared to afterwards. Hence, ensure that you are 100% okay with the website design before you give your approval to the designer to build it.

4.     Ensure ease in navigation.

In order to get the best out of your corporate website, it is essential that it be easy to navigate. Anyone who lands on your website should be easily able to move from one section to the other, and find exactly what he/she is looking for. If you offer online sales, it is crucial that the process of payment be extremely easy for your customers.

5.     Invest in wonderful content.

It is essential that your website content be grammatically correct, crisp and clear, and attractive enough to grab the attention of readers, and encourage them to take action. The same goes for the images that you use on your corporate website. Do not hesitate in spending money on a good content writer and photographer for obtaining wonderful content for your website. Consider it as a worthwhile investment, for it will serve to attract more sales and revenues.

6.     Consider your business objectives.  

Every business is unique, and has different kinds of goals to achieve. Hence, the expectations of each business from its corporate website are different. Make sure that you keep in mind the specific objectives of your business unit, while designing your corporate website.

7.     Test thoroughly.

Ensure that you test your business website thoroughly, before it goes live. Every image and piece of content on your website should reflect perfectly on most devices that your customers are likely to use for browsing. Make sure all the links lead exactly where they are supposed to lead. Test all forms thoroughly, and ensure that one is able to fill in all the requisite details easily and submit them. Also, make sure that the website does not take too much time to load, as this might cause readers to lose interest in your business and drift away.

8.     Consider a phased approach.

It is not a prudent approach to design an extremely high-end and sophisticated website right from the beginning, including various functionalities. You might not need all of these functionalities, after all. Instead, what you should do is start with a basic website with good content and layout, and go on improving on it, depending upon customer feedback and their likes and dislikes. In other words, consider a phased approach to website development.