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Eat better when you travel!

Many entrepreneurs tend to overeat and put on weight during their business travels. Many others do not eat right and fall sick while travelling. SupportBiz presents some pointers for businessmen to eat right and be safe during their travels.

Go easy on carbohydrates and desserts

Cut down your intake of carbohydrates and high-calorie desserts while you are travelling. Limit your portions of rice, bread and pasta, as well as sugary sweets. Opt for more fruits instead.

Cut down on alcohol

Curtail the quantity of alcohol you consume on your travels. When you need to have a drink, go for a glass of water or fruit juice instead.

Do not get influenced by others

While you are travelling, do not get influenced by bad eating habits and dietary choices of the people with you. Eat on time, and stick to your regular diet, avoiding junk food and alcohol. This is easier said than done, because refusing to follow what others are doing when in a group can lead to censure and ridicule. Try to avoid this, and keep in mind the way you look and the way you want to look. Also, try to stick to an exercise regimen even while you are away from home, to ensure that you do not put on too much of weight during your travels.

Drink a lot of water

Do not forget to drink a good amount of water while you are travelling. Drinking sufficient water improves your digestion and metabolism, reduces food cravings and flushes your system of unwanted toxins.

Carry your own snacks

It is a good idea to carry your own snacks while you are travelling. Munch on these home-made snacks whenever you are hungry in between meals; it will stop you from eating junk food. Such snacks do not have to be very complicated – they could be something as simple as a bunch of bananas, a breakfast bar or diet cookies.

Avoid food meant for kids

Food meant for kids is often high in carbohydrates and sugar, and unhealthy. Try to avoid kiddie food as far as possible.