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EasyFix Introduces ‘Round-The-Clock’ Home Repair Service

To make repairs a convenient weekday task EasyFix becomes the first-ever service provider of its kind offering night-time emergency services
 Gurgaon-based EasyFix, a leading home services repairs provider, has come up with a convenient solution – a ‘round-the-clock’ repair service.This latest move will bring much relief to the consumers, who often face a lot of hassles in dealing with late night emergency situations at home.Working professionals, in particular, will appreciate the development, as it gives them the flexibility to address the maintenance concern without disrupting their schedules. The company hadpreviouslyrolled out a month-long pilot for its night-time services to test the viability of the move.
Talking about this development, Shaifali Holani, Founder, EasyFix, said, "Any regular plumber or electrician might have, at some point of time, taken up a night job. What we have to now do is to motivate them and further incentivise them. This is why we have launched our round-the clock service – to make verified service deliverers available for any night-time emergency at the touch of a button."
In order to ensure a safe and satisfactory service experience, EasyFix has trained its technicians and meticulously checked their antecedents by initiating police verification procedures for all its technicians.Each technician will be available for roughly 1.2 times the general rates, along with an additional cost of INR 500.
Explaining the increased costs, Shaifali added, “The costs are slightly higher for the night-time service due to the current market dynamics, we want our handymen to be motivated when taking he takes an extra mile to satisfy the customer. Moreover, security is especially a concern for late night and ensure right quality service providers so make customers feel safe . Our initial revenue increase is only 3%, but money is not the prime driver here. My objective is to give an option to the working professionals who have no option but to wait for weekends to ge the job done. We are the first player to explore this category and everyone in the team is pretty excited about creating a difference.”
The 24X7 service from EasyFix will initially be launched in few metro cities on April 15, with a plan to expand in more cities as demand increases.