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Do you want to be a work-from-home entrepreneur?

Who doesn’t dream of quitting his/her day job and starting a small business of one’s own from home? Who isn’t lured by the temptation of being one’s own boss and reporting to no one? However, starting one’s own business from home is not everyone’s cup of tea.

SupportBiz lists down some questions you should ask yourself, to determine if there is a work-from-home entrepreneur inside you or not.

Are you self-motivated and self-disciplined?

Are you the kind of person who whiles away time and does not get to work without being chastised by a manager? Do you get startled to realise that half the work day is gone and you haven’t really got any work done? Are you easily given to distractions? If the answer to these questions is a yes, working from home might not be for you.

When you are a work-from-home entrepreneur, you are your own manager. It is up to you to keep yourself motivated and productive, and have something to show for your efforts at the end of each day. Self-discipline, self-motivation and good time management are essential skills if you wish to work from home.

Are you an independent worker or a team player?

Before you decide to become a work-from-home entrepreneur, you need to determine if you are an independent worker or a team player. Do you thrive when you are working as part of a team, or are you happier working alone? Do you look forward to meeting your colleagues every day and exchanging ideas and news with them, or do you think you do not need these exchanges?

Working from home might not be your cup of tea if you are a team player. At least in the initial stages of your business, you will be on your own and not have a team. In that case, working on your own might make you miserable and disrupt your productivity.

Are you tech-savvy?

Are you the type who puts a call through to your office IT department immediately on noticing that something is wrong with your system? Are you the type who loves to tinker with your system and read Help manuals, setting things right on your own? You need to introspect on this before you decide to become a work-from-home entrepreneur.

When you will work from home, you will be your own IT technician. More often than not, there will be no one you will be able to call for a quick fix of your computer system. You will need to learn how to use various technological tools to connect with the outside world and spread the word about your business. Being tech-savvy would be a great benefit if you plan to be a work-from-home entrepreneur.

Are you ready to be a perpetual learner?

Being a work-from-home entrepreneur will involve constant learning, of a diverse variety of things. You will have to be ready to enthusiastically learn things ranging from packing your products and making calls to customers to billing and small repairs. There will always be something new to learn, when you manage your own business, and you will need to be curious enough to do it passionately.

Are you able to enforce strict boundaries?

Before you decide to set up your own business from home, you will need to ask yourself if you will be able to enforce strict boundaries. It will be all too easy to get carried away by work, as it will always be at your fingertips, and let it consume your life. Similarly, it will be all too easy to get carried away with managing your home and family, give in to distractions and not get any work done. If you wish to be a work-from-home entrepreneur, you should be able to set up clear boundaries between your personal and work life. You should be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.