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Managing Growth

Coaching: A tool to unleash business potential

A seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience, serial entrepreneur Rahul Jain started a journey of nurturing a growth-oriented attitude among entrepreneurs in the year 2004.

 In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Jain, presently the CEO of Business Coaching India, shared some insights into business coaching and how he engages with entrepreneurs.

Edited excerpts:

What  are the major  operational challenges that entrepreneurs from the SME segment are facing?

In a typical SME,  entrepreneurs constantly keep themselves busy in day-to-day functional activities. Sales, finance, purchases, HR, legal issues, accounts, employee engagement and customer  and investor relations  are some of the key  tasks that the entrepreneur  has to undertake in the course of running his/her firm. In most cases,   it so happens that the entrepreneur performs  his/her job of running the firm,  but ignores his/her  main role of choosing the right direction for  the company.
In the course of my my work experience,  I have found many entrepreneurs who are not satisfied with the way their businesses are running, even after attaining considerable growth. This state of mind has two simple reasons:  Firstly, the entrepreneur does not have clarity on how he/she will be able to utilize the growth of his business, and, secondly, he/she tends to lose control of  the overall business direction.
 What is the significance of business coaching to an entrepreneur?

Coaching could be extremely useful  in resolving any problems  that  an entrepreneur might be facing.  That said, the willingness to resolve the problem and interest  has to come from the entrepreneur himself/herself.


Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. Although  a coach might recommend several things for  the positive growth of  business, unless and until these recommendations are  actually implemented and monitored properly, there will be no real impact of this exercise.

How do you  undertake the  nurturing of growth  among entrepreneurs, as a business coach?

We  are constantly engaged  with the entrepreneurs who   consult with us.  We have several modules  for engagement. For example, we conduct weekly coaching sessions,  working with the entrepreneurs and helping them  identify the status of  their problem and that  of their business.  We help in understanding the actual needs of the entrepreneurs. Accordingly, we prepare an unbiased, impartial, professional  report on the business and life of the entrepreneur.


Our main objective is to  remove the business owner from  routine day-to-day activities,  and align  him/her with what he/she really wants.  In order to achieve  these goals, we help them  with  a concrete roadmap.

What is the delivery model that you use for providing  coaching services to  business owners?


We offer  a step-by-step program. Firstly, the business  coach starts spending  two to  three hours every week with   the business  owner. During such sessions, we  discuss the specific components of the respective business, and  identify  existing challenges or problems. Accordingly,  we prepare  some recommended  actions which need to be taken by the entrepreneurs. Every week, this roadmap helps the entrepreneurs  achieve the pre-determined results  and much more. 


We analyse and document all the aspects of the business  in an up-to-date  manner. This analysis often  offers some interesting insights about the present state of the entrepreneur’s business. Sometimes, the entrepreneurs  themselves are surprised on  seeing our  outline of the existing status of his/her business.

 During  the second step, we clearly identify  the business as well as  personal goals of the entrepreneur. Advancing to the next level, we set  up goals to help the entrepreneur  reach where he/she wants to take his business. Then, we also provide coaching  to help the entrepreneur overcome  any  blocks or hurdles, which would keep  him/her from performing the best.


What are the key deliverables, from the coach and the entrepreneur’s side?


The coach is responsible for providing  complete guidance, direction and program materials.  The coach’s role is an advisory  one.

The entrepreneur is primarily accountable for producing  results in the program and implementation of the recommended roadmap. With the help of the business coach, entrepreneurs not only get  solutions  to the challenges they are facing, but also learn how to deal with  them in future.