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Buyer-seller meets are held across India

Small to midsize firms can participate in the government’s vendor development programs (VDPs) -- buyer-seller meets -- to tap business opportunities at large companies. VDPs are organized in every state, and at the national level, by the local MSME Development Insititute.

Every micro, small and midsize firm is eligible to participate in a VDP. Typically, business enquiries valued between Rs.5 crore and Rs. 20 crore are generated at these VDPs, according to information published on the MSME ministry’s website.

You can find the link to the same here.

A national level VDP is spread over three days and the meet is accompanied by an exhibition for and about buyers and sellers. At the state level, a VDP has one or two anchor companies interacting with potential vendors.

There are 30 MSME DIs across India and together they have 28 branches. You can find the list of MSME DIs here.

The DI can help in the following areas:

-Assistance / consultancy to prospective entrepreneurs

-Assistance / consultancy rendered to existing units

-Preparation of state industrial profiles

-Preparation / updation of District Industrial Potential survey

-Project profiles

-Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

-Motivational campaigns

-Production Index

-Management Development Programmes

-Skill Development Programmes

-Energy conservation

-Pollution control

-Quality control and upgradation

-Export promotion

-Ancillary development

-Common facility workshop / lab

-Preparation of directory of specific industry

-Intensive technical assistanc

-Coordination with DICs

-Linkage with state government functionaries

-Market surveys