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Barcodes will enhance your products' visibility

MSMEs rolling out products should use barcodes to give them a unique, global, ID. A not-for-profit standards body in India, GS1, can help local firms in the adoption of bar codes -- the set of black vertical lines of varied thickness, with white spaces separating two lines.

Barcodes are printed on almost every product sold at a supermarket.

A barcode, printed on one product, assigns a unique ID to the product. When scanned, using a bar code reader, the identification points back to the company or the manufacturer; the bar code throws up information such as price, manufacture date among others.

A company needs to purchase barcodes from GS1. The details about barcode registration fee structure, for the 2012-13 fiscal, are available here.

The Indian government provides financial assistance to those MSMEs looking to register with GS1 – 75 percent of the one-time registration fee; and 75 percent of the annual recurring fee for the first three years is reimbursed. You can find more details about the same here.

A detail note on the government scheme can be found here.

The online application form to claim your reimbursement is available here.

Barcodes can be used in B2B, B2C and B2G applications. GS1’s website lists the benefits – of using barcodes – to the food industry; the retail and the consumer goods industry; the healthcare industry; and the transport and logistics industry.