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Are you aware of the emerging trends in social media?

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Social media interactions have become the norm rather than the exception, in today’s business world.

Businesses, irrespective of whether they are small or large, have recognised the significance of a strong online presence, and are doing all they can to improve on the same.

It is crucial for a business to recognise the latest trends that are emerging in the social media field, and tweak their content plan accordingly. This will help them in capitalising on opportunities and leveraging social media to the best of their advantage.

Are you aware of the latest trends that are emerging in the sphere of social media? SupportBiz lists them for you.

1.     The appeal of visual content is rising.

Studies have indicated that posts containing pictures on Facebook, blogs and Twitter are better received by readers. Such posts receive a greater number of likes and comments. A greater number of users read and absorb such posts, as against posts that contain only text.

Photographs and other pictures add to the visual appeal of a post, and grab the attention of a reader immediately. The preference for picture posts on social media platforms and their use is on the rise.

2.     The use of video marketing has spiked.

More and more firms today are using videos to market themselves, to spread awareness about themselves and their products/services.

Video marketing is cost-effective; a firm does not need to make a huge investment or design an elaborate set in order to prepare an effective video. Videos have great visual appeal; they form an instant connect with the user. As a rising number of businesses are realising the benefits of video marketing, its use is increasing by the day.

3.     Blog posts become shorter.

Gone are the days of long blog posts, full of text and nothing else. Studies have revealed that most readers only skim through their favourite blogs, pausing to read short posts that really get their attention. Keeping this in mind, blog posts have now become shorter, more condensed, conveying key insights or messages in a few sentences.

The use of videos and pictures in blog posts is also on the rise, to improve their appeal.

4.     Firms are studying social media to understand buyer behaviour.

A rising number of firms today are using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to gauge the buying behaviour of consumers.

Marketers are keeping track of what existing and potential customers are saying on various social media sites, and trying to understand the major factors that drive them to make a buying decision.

5.     Paid posts are increasing.

Of late, there has been a rise in paid posts on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media platforms.

An increasing number of firms have now opened up to the idea of paying subject matter experts and celebrities to write about their products/services, in order to get the benefit of their influence among their fan following.