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The alternatives to working from home

You have quit your day job, or are planning to do so. You are thinking of starting a small business of your own, from home. Only that home is not the best place for you to work from.

This could be due to several reasons – a busy family at home, lack of privacy, too much noise or just an inability to focus on work in the midst of a crowded living room.

In these circumstances, what are the alternatives available to you? SupportBiz attempts to find out.

An office within your home

If working from a computer system in the living room of your house is not working for you, do consider setting up a separate office within the premises of your house. This can be done in your study, garage, basement or any other extra room in your house that is not used commonly. Equip this place with all the equipment that you need in order to work comfortably, and work on creating an office-like vibe here. Make sure that this place is off limits to family and friends, at least during your work hours.

Having a separate office within your home will give you the necessary space and privacy to focus on your work exclusively, away from the din of family life. At the same time, it will give you the flexibility of being near your family throughout the day.

Working from a public place

You might want to consider working from a public place such as your local library, an association office or a chamber of commerce. Check with the concerned office if they will allow you to work for a few hours every day, in return for a small fee. Local public places might be ready to offer this facility to small businesses like yours.

This option will offer you the flexibility of working from a home-like atmosphere, at the same time helping you focus on your work by providing you the necessary privacy and quiet.

Working from a cafe

Find out if you can work for a few hours every day from a coffee shop near your place. It is crucial that the cafe be spacious and well-lit, have a sufficient number of power outlets and offer free Wi-Fi. Often, cafes that are freelancer-friendly will allow you to work from their premises, against the purchase of a caffeinated beverage or a couple of sandwiches. However, you might have to vacate the cafe during peak hours.

Setting up a shared office

Consider the possibility of setting up a shared office space near your home, along with other entrepreneurs like yourself. This place will contain all the equipment that you need to work comfortably, including power outlets, a sufficient number of fans and lights, internet facilities, a neat bathroom, a desk and computer system for each person.

Renting a virtual office

Often, business centres provide small businesses the facility of virtual offices in return for a small fee every month. These offices are commonly equipped with all basic facilities that you might need, and will offer you the necessary privacy to focus on your work uninterrupted.