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10 time wasters an entrepreneur should avoid

There are hundreds of things that demand an entrepreneur’s attention every single day. Many of these things are pressing in urgency, to be dealt with as soon as possible. It is crucial that an entrepreneur make best use of each minute of their work day.

SupportBiz lists the top 10 things that entrepreneurs waste their time on, which should be avoided to improve productivity.

Random networking

In order to get best results out of networking, it needs to be extremely focused. Random networking is like trying to connect with a large number of strangers, with only a few of them possibly interested in your product/service. Networking randomly is, thus, a huge waste of time, money and effort, best avoided by an entrepreneur.

Random net surfing and texting

Randomly surfing the internet, reading blogs and engaging in conversations on social media platforms are great wastes of time, which distract an entrepreneur and take away from his/her productivity. The same is the case with random texting, playing with different apps on your cellphone and e-mailing. If you can avoid these distractions, you can get a lot more done in your average work day.

Building your personal brand

Many entrepreneurs waste their time trying to build their ‘personal brand’ or promoting themselves, instead of promoting their business and their products/services. Avoid this, and focus on your business and your customers instead.

Waiting for people to help you

Another thing that wastes an entrepreneur’s time is waiting for other people to help you. Instead, you should be considering how you can help them, so that you also benefit in the process. It is a two-way process.

Waiting for a shortcut to success

There is no shortcut to success, yet several entrepreneurs waste their time waiting for just that. Many look for a quick way to attain success, fame and prosperity, a quick fix that will change their fortunes overnight. Instead of wasting time thus, focus on bettering your product/service, networking and marketing, and improving on your various business functions.

Random people

Many entrepreneurs waste their time in dealing with random people, and ultimately end up losing out on valuable work. Try and avoid distracting people, including colleagues, friends and relatives, as much as possible. If you cannot avoid certain conversations with parties associated with your business, see if a colleague of yours can handle them, so that you can save on time.

Doing things in half measures

Doing things in half measures will only cause you to end up with having to do all or some of them all over again, waste a lot of valuable time. Avoid this, as far as possible. Focus on one thing at a time, and give it your all before you move on to the next thing.

Running after material possessions

Trying to acquire as many material possessions as possible, and running after them constantly is another great waste of time. Instead of doing this, focus on constantly learning, growing your business, improving your relations with your customers and other parties associated with your business, hiring a great team of employees and bettering your products/services. Material success will ultimately follow.

Being bogged down by crisis

An entrepreneur needs to be highly motivated and self-driven to find his way out of crisis. If you get bogged down by crisis, which is inevitable in business, you will only end up losing a lot of precious time which could have been put to more productive use. Insnettead, focus on how you can get out of the crisis, and the next best steps that you can take.

Getting overly fixated with productivity

Trying to improve your productivity is a good thing, but getting overly fixated with it will do you more harm than good. It will cause you to panic and try to rush things, which might end up in you having to do certain things all over again – ultimately, a big waste of time.