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10 things you can do with an additional hour

As an entrepreneur, you might sometimes find yourself extremely pressed for time. Once in a while, though, you might find yourself with an additional hour or two at hand, unexpectedly, with no plan of what to do with it.

SupportBiz lists down 10 things that you can do with an additional hour.

Spend time with family and friends

Make use of the extra time that you get by spending it with your family and friends. As a busy entrepreneur, you might not often get the opportunity to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. Spending this extra hour having lunch/dinner or catching up on a movie with them will be a nice surprise, and will also help you recharge your batteries.

Catch up on your e-mail and phone calls

Do consider the possibility of spending the extra one hour catching up on unanswered phone calls and e-mail. These might be from friends and relatives or from contacts related to your business. This will help you build bridges, and will save you from having to do it later, when you might be really busy.

Investigate your competitors

Spend the extra hour doing some research on your major competitors. You can use different research methodologies to find out what your competitors are selling, how customers are reacting to it and the promotional strategies adopted by them. This will provide you valuable information that you can use to take strategic business decisions.


Use the additional hour to exercise or meditate. Flex your muscles, either physical or mental, or both. This will inevitably leave you feeling better and refreshed.

Invite a role model to lunch/dinner

You might have a role model - in your business or personal life – with whom you might not have the time to connect with on a regular basis. Spend the extra hour connecting with him/her, explaining why you admire him/her, and inviting him/her for lunch/dinner so that you can exchange notes.

Bond with your colleagues

Your team of personnel is one of your most valuable assets, yet one that you might not be spending leisure time with often. Spend the additional one hour in bonding with your colleagues. Go out for lunch/dinner or order something in, or just talk to them on both personal and professional levels. This will not only motivate your employees, but also rejuvenate you. It will also help you recognise the strengths and weaknesses of each of your employees.

Write thank-you notes

Identify the people who have made invaluable contributions to your life and/or business, and spend the additional hour writing thank-you notes to them. This activity will not only refresh you, but also bring a smile on the faces of those who receive these notes.


In the extra hour’s time, consider brainstorming with your colleagues on how to resolve the problems that they are facing, the things that they would like to change about your business and the things that they enjoy doing. This will, invariably, generate a lot of ideas that you can use to spruce up productivity in your firm.

Read up

Spend the additional time reading up on all the material that you always wanted to read but never found the time to. This might be on the internet or in the form of books or magazine or newspaper articles. You might find valuable information therein which can help you turn your business around.

Clean up

Clean up the clutter on your desk and your computer in the spare time that you get. This will help you work better, as you will be easily able to find whatever you need immediately. It will also help you lower your stress levels.