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10 things money cannot get you

Being an entrepreneur, it is all too easy to get caught in the rat race, the struggle for power, and the complex web of making more and more money. Though the prospect of making more and more money is tempting, it is good to remember that there are certain things that money cannot buy.

An entrepreneur should remind himself/herself of these aspects often, and be thankful for them.


There is truly no place like home, and very few people who will be able to provide solace to you the way your family can. If you share a good relationship with your family members, you are blessed.


A person who has friends who love and understand him/her and are willing to stand by him/her, come what may, has one of the best forms of wealth there is. Friends one can truly connect with are rare to come by, and one who has some like that is truly blessed.


A person who has someone to love from the bottom of his/her, and who is loved by someone from the bottom of his/her heart is lucky, indeed. Such a person has something invaluable, whose worth can never be measured in terms of money.


Amidst everyday stresses, it is easy to forget the miracle of life. Isn’t the very fact that you are alive, that you have been given an opportunity to see this beautiful world and make your mark upon it, wonderful?


It is easy to take good health for granted, though it is something priceless. Many in this world are fighting for their survival, fighting ill health, and in that scenario, one should be grateful for being blessed with health.


Having a purpose to work towards in life, and having a tremendous amount of faith in it, is something commendable. Such a purpose provides one with a direction in life, and is invaluable.


The ability to depend upon oneself for one’s day-to-day activities and to earn one’s living is a huge gift in itself. It is something invaluable, that everyone should treasure and be thankful for.

Contribution to society

If you can bask in the knowledge that your actions are having an impact on the people around you and the environment, it is another invaluable gift. Few people can have the pleasure of knowing that they are working towards the greater good of the world.

Good humour

Having a sense of humour and a good, positive attitude towards life is a treasure, which will tide you over many an unpleasant situation. It is something money will not get you, something meant to be treasured.


Compassion and empathy for fellow human beings is not something that comes to everyone. It is a precious gift given to a chosen few. If you possess it, cherish and value it for what it is.