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10 things that good entrepreneurs do not do

What makes some entrepreneurs highly successful, while some others have to struggle to just survive? What differentiates the much-loved and memorable entrepreneurs from others? SupportBiz lists the things that great entrepreneurs do not do, which sets them apart from the rest.

They don't play the blame game

However efficient or well-prepared you are, challenges will arise in business. There will be employees who will not perform well, vendors who will not deliver on time, government policies that will anger you, and customers who will test your patience. These things are unavoidable. What great entrepreneurs do is stop playing the blame game. Stop trying to hold other people and processes responsible for your problems and stress. Instead, take charge of the situation and see what you can do to improve it or make the best out of it.

They don’t cling to what they know.

Great entrepreneurs do not cling to what they know. They are ready to take leaps of faith, and explore unexplored worlds. They are ready to take chances, and learn while they are it. Fear of uncertainty and insecurity do not haunt them, as they consider such events as opportunities to learn and grow.

They don’t do things without their heart in it.

Great entrepreneurs do not do things by half measures. They are genuinely interested and believe in the things that they do. They do not do things in which their heart is not.

They don’t strive to impress others.

Great entrepreneurs are not interested in acquiring material wealth or showy possessions just to impress the people around them. They think much beyond such superficial things. They are genuinely interested in learning, serving the world, making a difference in the lives of people, and building lasting relationships.

They don’t believe in being control freaks.

Great entrepreneurs are not control freaks. They do not believe in controlling people. They trust the parties associated with their business – from employees to vendors – to do their best. They focus on building great relationships with these parties instead of trying to manage every decision of theirs.

They don’t complain.

Great entrepreneurs do not waste time complaining about their problems or destiny. They take their destiny in their hands. They contemplate and arrive at ways to make the best out of their situation.

They don’t criticise.

Great entrepreneurs do not criticise other people. They are willing to accept people as they are, with their shortcomings. They do not judge other people by their own standards.

They don’t let their fears hold them back.

Great entrepreneurs do not let themselves be held back by their fears. They are willing to overcome their fears, and try to take up challenges in spite of them. They are willing to dream beyond their fears, and are ready to go that extra mile to achieve these dreams.

They don’t dwell on the past too much.

Great entrepreneurs do not dwell on good times or mistakes from the past. They are more focused on their present and future than their past. They learn from their past, let go of it and move on towards the future.

They don’t preach.

Great entrepreneurs do not think they know everything there is to know, and do not preach. They offer advice only when it is asked of them. They are humble.