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Wisestep: Easing the recruitment process

Recruitment is an area where most SMEs struggle. Manish Grover, co-founder of Hyderabad-based Wisestep, is working in the area of easing out the pressure of recruitment processes faced by India's SMEs.

Wisestep in an online matchmaking platform for candidates and recruiters or companies. Speaking to SupportBiz , Grover shared his views on the issues faced by SMEs in building efficient HR processes and the impact of efficient recruitment process on any small and growing business. Edited excerpts:

What are the key focus areas for your business?

We are focused on delivering our services to SMEs and start-up organizations that are struggling with their recruitment processes. Hiring in most of the companies is a time consuming process. We aim to simplify this  process in terms of reducing the time and cost consumed in this.

How do you manage to deliver your services?

Wisestep offers a services model for recruiters in which we implement a quick and efficient candidate search process for them. We have tied-up with 35 different job portals across India, the US, the UK and Europe, which enables us to reach out to a large number of potential candidates for a job. We also offer candidate screening services and we maintain a well-defined and categorised database of potential candidates for companies.

What has been your experience in the market so far?

We are almost one year old. Our product is running on a beta version. We have registered over 10 thousand individual recruiters as our members. In the next couple of months we will be rolling out premium services to our clients that will be attractively priced in the market.

What are the pain points of SME recruiters?

SMEs usually work with limited resources.  For SMEs themselves it becomes challenging to reach out to candidates. We look at this as an opportunity -- we become a trusted partner for such recruiters and deliver services that are efficient and effective for them.

SMEs who subscribe to the available job sites, have to download CVs of potential candidates and search for candidates on their own. This leads to a second challenge of digging for the right information.

How are you different from your competitors?

We understand the challenges and issues involved in the recruitment processes. We aim to enhance the overall experience of hiring. We will not only provide a database of targeted potential candidates but also offer a categorization of the same. Our biggest differentiator is the speed of outreach and the cost-effectiveness of the hiring process. Screening of the candidates is also an area where we differentiate from our competition.

How do you plan to reach out to SMEs?

We will be taking a comprehensive offline route to reach out to SMEs. We will participate in events, industry associations meetings and network with entrepreneurs, all of which will help us in spreading the right kind of information about our services.