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Why should you celebrate festivals in office?

Celebrating festivals in office with your colleagues is not a futile task. It has a lot of hidden opportunities and benefits. SupportBiz sheds light on the major reasons for you, as a small business owner, to celebrate festivals with your team.

Break from monotony

A celebration in office provides a break from monotony and the stresses of everyday routine. It keeps the employees fresh and focused on their work.

Boosts employee morale

A beautifully decorated office for a festival, or a party to celebrate an occasion, lifts the spirits of the employees. It makes them happy, enthusiastic and boosts their morale.

Opportunity for team bonding

An office party provides an opportunity to all the employees – from the different branches of the firm across the world – to get together and bond. It helps employees place faces to the names of the team members they have only interacted with over e-mail or telephone so far.

Improvement in team spirit

Office celebrations offer an opportunity to employees to bond and socialise. Common interests are, thus, discovered and employees get to know each other much better. This ultimately leads to an improvement in team spirit among the employees.

Settlement of differences

Celebrations in office bring employees closer, and aid the settlement of any differences of opinion or disputes among them.

Opportunity to socialise

Employees have the option of bringing along their families to celebrations in office. Such celebrations, hence, provide employees a chance to socialise with the families of other employees, thus improving their social ties with the company.

Avenue for employee recognition

Office parties are a great avenue for the recognition of exceptional performance of the employees. It provides a good opportunity to the management to publicly recognise their outstanding performers, and reward them.

Building of traditions

The celebration of festivals in office every year creates a tradition at the workplace. It gives the employees something to look forward to.

Recognition of hidden talents

Office celebrations are a good platform for the management to discover the hidden talents that each of their employees possesses, like painting, acting, singing, dancing, decorating, etc.

Forum to distribute gifts

Celebrations in office are a good forum for the management to distribute gifts to their employees, which goes a long way towards boosting employee morale and motivating them.