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Why is flexibility at the workplace important?

With advances in technology, workplace timings are becoming more and more flexible. More employees are telecommuting or working flexible hours or for lesser number of days in a week. Many other alternatives offering flexible work routines to employees are also emerging.

SupportBiz sheds light on the importance of flexibility for a firm.

Boosts employee morale

When provided flexibility in work timings, employees feel like they are more in control of the work environment. This boosts their morale, and tends to keep them happier and more satisfied.

Improves productivity

Flexibility at the workplace provides employees the chance to work from the place convenient to them, at timings convenient to them. Such employees are more motivated to work, and their productivity is high. They are more engaged in their work. Moreover, employees who telecommute tend to be more tech-savvy, and well versed in using different technological advances.

Reduces absenteeism

Offering flexibility to employees improves their productivity and boosts their morale. As employees are more satisfied, productive and happy with their work, absenteeism among them reduces significantly.

Reduces turnover

Employees with work flexibility are more happy and satisfied, and hence, the rate of turnover among them goes down. Workplace flexibility helps you in retaining those employees who would have quit due to time and place issues.

Attracts best talent

Offering employees flexibility removes any limitations of time or place that they might have. Thus, it helps you attract top talent from across diverse geographical locations, boosting creativity and fostering a climate of healthy competition, innovation and learning in your workplace.

Helps save money

When you offer the facility of telecommuting to your employees, you save on the cost of retaining them and office space and lighting. You ultimately stand to gain as the cost of employee turnover goes down and productivity increases. Offering flexibility to employees thus helps you save money.

Improves your reputation

Providing flexibility to your employees improves your reputation as a fair and just employer, who cares for the well-being of his/her staff members.