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Human Resources

What do employees really want from their work?

Human resources are one of the most important assets of any business. No business organisation – small or big – can grow or scale new heights without an efficient, hard-working and reliable team of employees. The motivation and retention of employees, therefore, becomes a matter of utmost concern for businesses.

An understanding of what employees really want from their jobs can help you, as a small business owner, in efficient employee retention and motivation. SupportBiz sheds some light on the real needs of employees from work.

Competitive salary and hikes

Every employee likes to feel that he is earning a salary that is competitive, according to industry standards, and which proportionate to his/her workload. What he/she also looks forward to are periodic appraisal processes and just hikes in salary, depending upon the performance in the period of the appraisal.


Employees wish to be treated with respect at their workplace. They wish to be treated in a just and dignified manner, and not looked down at. This includes a clean and comfortable work place, basic facilities, and reasonable work timings.


Employees look forward to regular feedback on their performance from their superiors, and sincere appreciation in case of good work done.

Good leadership

Employees wish to have good leadership at their place of work. They like their leader to provide them with a direction and effective motivation. They wish for their leaders to guide them in things they need guidance in. They wish for their leaders to speak up for the team, and protect their interests.


Employees wish to feel empowered – they wish to have the necessary power to fulfil their responsibilities. They like an empowered and dynamic environment which allows them to stretch their boundaries.


Employees wish to be loved and trusted by the management. They want to feel the trust of the management through actions, rather than words.

Learning new skills

In today’s dynamic business environment, one thing that all employees look forward to is the learning of new skills that will add value to their overall personality. They wish for fair career development opportunities and training facilities.

Access to information

Employees wish to have easy access to information that they need to take relevant decisions and fulfil their work tasks.

Part of management vision

Employees want to feel like they are a part of the overall management vision, and not just puppets in their hands. They want to feel like they are working for a common goal, and want to feel proud of it.

Effective complaint resolution

Employees wish for the effective resolution of complaints by the management. They want the management to be open to listening to their grievances, and for the management to really listen when they voice their complaints. Post this, they wish for solid steps to be taken towards the solution of their complaints.