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What causes employee negativity?

Employee negativity could spell out disaster for a firm. Increasing levels of negativity among your employees is a cause for concern, which needs to be addressed at the earliest possible.

For a holistic growth, it is crucial that employers understand the causes of negativity among their employees, put in place measures to address the same, and focus on building better relationships with the employees.

SupportBiz presents the top reasons for negativity among employees.

Lack of confidence in the management

One of the major reasons for employee negativity is lack of confidence in the capabilities of the management. In case of instability or a period of negative events in a firm, employees might lose their confidence on the management’s abilities to lead them forward. They might become insecure about the future of the firm as well as about their future in the firm, ultimately leading to negativity.

Lack of recognition

If an employee feels that the efforts put in by him/her in performing his/her work are much higher than the level of recognition from the management, there are chances of resentment building up in him/her. Insufficient recognition from the management could be in the form of a feeling of being paid an inadequate salary or not being appreciated enough.

Excessive workload

Employees being given an excessive workload for a long period of time are likely to develop negative feelings towards the management. If an employee quits work, and his/her workload is divided among the rest of the employees, there are chances of resentment building up among them.

Lack of good working conditions

Lack of hygienic or comfortable working conditions is another major reason for employee negativity. If the management makes no attempt at providing its employees with a safe, clean and comfortable workplace, within its means, there are chances of the staff feeling neglected and unimportant, thus causing resentment among them.

Lack of fair treatment

Employees who are not treated fairly by the management are likely to build up resentment within themselves. If an employee feels that he/she is not being offered fair opportunities by the management or is being given prejudicial treatment, there are chances of negativity developing.

Lack of challenge in work

The lack of challenge in work makes employees feel bored and uninterested, ultimately leading to frustration and negativity among them.

Lack of opportunities for growth

If there are no opportunities available to an employee for promotion or growth within the organisation, it is natural that he/she will start getting frustrated with his/her work and start feeling negatively about it.

Lack of empathy

The lack of empathy on the part of the management towards the problems of the employees and its failure to accommodate them causes negative feelings to build up among employees.