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Top ten ways to promote employee wellness

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellness among your employees is a great idea. First off, it will keep your employees happy, motivated and productive. Secondly, it will reduce in less absenteeism due to illness, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

There are several ways in which you, as a small business owner, can promote employee wellness in your organisation. Here are the top ten tips to do the same. 

Organise contests

You can organise regular contests that compare the wellness levels among your employees. Different aspects such as blood pressure, sugar level, weight management, or general fitness can be monitored. Give away small gifts to the employees who perform the best in such contests.

Provide training

Organise regular training sessions for your staff to explain to them the benefits of staying fit, and suggesting them ways to remain healthy in the course of their day-to-day routine. You could bring in fitness experts from outside your organisation too, for this purpose.

Offer incentives

It is a good idea to offer employees some kind of incentives for staying on the path of wellness and health. If possible, offer them monetary incentives, or else non-monetary ones such as a paid leave every quarter to those employees who achieve their fitness goals.

Use your newsletter

Use a part of your weekly or monthly official newsletter to communicate to your employees the importance of being fit. You could also use this space to recognise and laud those employees who have achieved their health and fitness targets.

Provide resources

If possible, you can provide your employees with games such as badminton and tennis to help them maintain their fitness levels. Also provide them a well-stocked library with books and CDs pertaining to health and fitness. You could also consider providing employees with a gym within your office premises so that they can work out during their free time.

Organise games

It is a good idea to periodically organise games like cricket or even kabaddi and tennis for your employees, to help them maintain their fitness.

Appoint a wellness co-ordinator

Appoint a wellness co-ordinator to help employees take care of their health and achieve their fitness targets. The wellness co-ordinator could be in charge of counselling the employees, maintaining records pertaining to their fitness levels, and inspiring them to work towards their goals.


You could have signs put up throughout your workplace stressing the importance of being fit and healthy, and inspiring employees to follow their fitness regimens and to achieve their goals.

Promote healthy eating

If your office has a cafeteria, ensure that you provide your employees with healthy food options too, along with the regular options. Encourage your employees to eat healthy food, instead of reaching out for junk food.

Encourage memberships

You could encourage your employees to join gyms or health clubs by reimbursing them for a part of the fees. Alternatively, you could also have classes for martial arts, yoga or fitness exercises organised within your premises periodically.