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Ten tips to provide effective feedback to your employees

Constructive feedback provided in time is an important constituent of employee motivation. Feedback, if given in the right way, can work wonders for an employee, and help boost his morale and performance. Here are some tips for you, as a small business owner, to provide impactful feedback to your employees.

Be specific

Give feedback that is specific, rather than vague and general. State clearly which job/s the employee has performed well, and which ones you would like to improve. Similarly, provide feedback on specific behavioural traits of the employee, and tell him/her what you like and do not like.


Feedback turns out to be more impactful if it is accepted whole-heartedly by the employee, in a positive and receptive manner. Request the employee if you can provide certain feedback, and go ahead with it when he/she is ready for the same.

Be polite

Be polite while providing feedback to your employees. Be courteous and respectful while talking to them. Do not talk down to them, or be rude in any circumstances.

Give suggestions

Feedback can be effective only when it comes with appropriate suggestions. Give the employee suggestions on what he/she can do differently when it comes to their job responsibilities or official behaviour, and how they can improve on their positives and overcome their negatives.

Be timely

Provide feedback to your employees on time. Comment on their immediate actions or tasks done, so that they can relate to the same.

Be interactive

Be interactive while providing feedback to your employees. Do not indulge in unnecessary word duels with them, or give one-sided comments. Be ready to understand their perspective as well.

Be consistent

Feedback is most effective when it is given on a consistent basis. Provide feedback to your employees regularly, so that they can continue to improve in performance consistently.

Do it in private

Do not let the process of feedback become a demeaning or humiliating experience for your employees. As far as possible, provide feedback to employees in private, unless and until you are providing it to an entire team in your organisation.

Be sincere

Be sincere while providing feedback. Genuinely talk about the things that are good and bad in the employee’s performance and organisational behaviour. 

Emphasise both positives and negatives

Who doesn’t like appreciation, when it is genuinely given? Effective feedback should consist of both positives and negatives. Be ready to enthusiastically appreciate the good qualities and performance of your employee, and also put forth what is lacking and can be improved upon.


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