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Ten tips to promote teamwork in your organisation

It takes millions and millions of grains of sand to make a beach, they say. Similarly, it takes the effort of all your employees to create an efficient organisation. Only if all your employees move in co-ordination with each other can a perfect synchronisation and harmony be produced.

Here are some tips for you, as a small business owner, to promote the culture of teamwork in your organisation.

Communicate your expectations

Clearly communicate to your employees that you expect teamwork in performing their duties. Explain that no employee will work in isolation, and that no job or process will be done by an employee alone.

Make suggestions

Help your employees work in co-ordination with each other, by making suggestions to them and guiding them. For instance, if a particular employee needs to get a job done, suggest to him/her which other employees in the organisation he/she can get in touch with to do the job efficiently.

Talk of teamwork

Talk to your employees often about the value of teamwork, and encourage them to practise it. Tell them real-life stories about how teamwork saved a particular situation or helped a particular business organisation to carve out a niche for itself.

Demonstrate teamwork

In order to build a culture of teamwork in your organisation, it is crucial that you, as the business owner, demonstrate teamwork through your actions. Work on projects in co-ordination with other employees of your organisation, and have everyone share inputs.

Appreciate teamwork

Recognise instances of good teamwork in your organisation. Do not hesitate to appreciate the team members for their co-operation.

Organise team-building activities

It is a good idea to organise fun team-building activities and games in your firm, such as going out together for lunch or dinner, a picnics or a pot-luck lunch. Gift all employees the same T-shirt. Organise games that promote team spirit.

These activities will help break the ice between your staff, if any, and help them bond in an enjoyable manner.

Recognise team successes publicly

Recognise good efforts of teams publicly. Laud them before the other teams in the organisation, so that they also follow the example.

Hold team meetings

Hold meetings with different teams in your organisation on a periodic basis, and give them constructive feedback on the work done by them. Ensure that in these meetings, you appreciate the efforts collectively put in by the team to do a job effectively, and give them suggestions on how they can improve on this aspect.

Form teams to resolve issues

In case of any issues that arise in work, form teams for the resolution of the same, inter-departmental if necessary.

Help resolve problems in teamwork

If there are any issues among your employees in working as a team, such as two employees not getting along with each other, help in their resolution.