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Ten tips to appreciate your employees

Employee appreciation is a major aspect of employee motivation. Communicating often to your employees that you value them and appreciate their work will help boost their morale and productivity. Here are ten tips for you, as a small business owner, to show your appreciation to your employees.

Praise for good work

Praise your employees for the good work done by them. Writing a thank-you note or mail for exceptional work is a great idea. Enumerate the specific actions of theirs that you really liked.

Be respectful and polite

Don’t talk down to your employees, but be respectful and polite with them. Say ‘please’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ when you talk to them.

Reward suitably

Employees feel appreciated when they are paid as per industry standards, and an amount that is commensurate with the efforts put it by them. Apart from this, make it a point to reward employees for good work done by them – monetarily, if possible, or by giving them small gifts.


Surprise your employees once in a while by bringing in little treats for them, like chocolates or sweets or ice creams. Introduce a game into the office sometime. Arrange a surprise lunch or dinner for the team.

Be genuinely interested

Be genuinely interested in your employees. Enquire after their family, their passions, any problems they might be facing personally, or any recent travel undertaken by them.


Celebrate occasions, festivals and victories at work with your co-workers. Have the workplace decorated and food ordered in, or go out for a lunch or dinner. If possible, gift your employees with small mementos to help cherish the occasion. This will go a long way towards making your employees feel loved and appreciated.

Be flexible

Be flexible enough to accommodate your co-workers’ problems and changes in situation. If it helps them in difficult situations, or during festival season, offer them flexible timing. Give them the option of working from home or from a remote place, to enable them to balance their life and work.


Genuinely listen to the feedback that your employees have about their work or their workplace, or any other complaints that they might have. Ensure that you put in your best efforts to resolve their problems and consider their feedback seriously. Consider the suggestions made by your employees and their preferences before taking any decision that concerns them.

Good workplace

Provide your employees with a good, clean workplace equipped with all the basic facilities. Do not differentiate between the facilities provided to you and the higher management team and those provided to the other employees.

Equal opportunities

Employees feel appreciated when each of them is given equal opportunities to learn new skills and grow within the organisation.