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Switch Idea Helps Companies Evaluate Interns

This is India’s first intern pre-screening aptitude examination
According to a report, 50 lakh students graduate every year in India, with a 15 per cent year-over-year growth in the numbers. For an intern who finds a perfect fit with a company, an internship is worth its weight in gold. Switch Idea, a Mumbai-based venture valued at Rs 6.5 crores, hopes to bridge the gap between traditional recruitment and industry requirements by introducing internships with its National Talent Acquisition Test (NTAT), India’s first intern pre-screening aptitude examination. National Talent Acquisition Test (NTAT) was created to help partner companies pre-screen interns and connect with verified students in a simple and convenient way.
The NTAT is offered twice a year and the next examination takes place in New Delhi, on 31 January, 2016 at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi (NSIT). Topics covered on the 90-minute exam include math, logical reasoning, ethics and work situations and will assess students understanding of workplace scenarios.
According to Switch Idea co-founder Niranjan Yadav (a 23 year old entrepreneur and an award winning blogger), “National Talent Acquisition Test (NTAT) is a proprietary test offered by Switch Idea to make hiring interns easy and painless. More than 1500 companies use our database for their hiring needs, including MeraEvents, CISCO, Intel, Philips, Dell, CargoExchange, Tech Trunk, Neti Software, eBay, CampusDiaries, Freecharge, Intel India, Logitia Solutions, Flipkart and many others.”
NTAT’s core focus is to encourage undergraduates (UG) to do an internship while in college; helping them build and develop professional connections, and giving a realistic perspective on refining the career goals.
Moreover, every internship project provides a complete hands-on experience with an approach which nurtures the students to develop greater understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses..
“Today’s market is a particularly difficult one in which to obtain a good internship,” says Yadav. “Even when you get a response from an employer, a variety of challenging obstacles may surface. The most common one is that each traditional advertisement or an internship may elicit hundreds of resumes. It can be incredibly difficult just to get an interview, let alone an actual internship.”
Switch Idea was started by Yadav and Rohit Maku, because when they graduated college, they found there were not enough opportunities for students and graduates to connect with companies.
“We started thinking about how we could use technology to solve this problem,” says Yadav. “The result was an online platform that helps students discover the best internships and entry level openings in a hassle free manner.”
Students and recent graduates can register for an upcoming National Talent Acquisition Test at a nominal fee. The number of slots left for an upcoming test is shown in real time. After students take the National Talent Acquisition Test, their scores are integrated into their profiles. Since student identity is manually verified at the examination centre, companies accessing the Switch Idea database are assured of students identities, college associations and the degrees they are pursuing.

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