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A solution provider for corporate recruitment: Top Gear

The process of recruitment is a sensitive area for most corporates, and hence, is often outsourced to specialized agencies for the benefit of their experience and professional expertise. One such recruitment agency is the Mumbai-based Top Gear Consultants, one of the leading firms in this field.

The company is headed by a seasoned professional, Rajesh Nair, who believes that long-term relations can produce great results for business. 

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Rajesh highlighted the prevailing trends in the recruitment industry and drivers for his business. Edited excerpts from the interview:

How do you differentiate yourself from other HR consultancies?

We are an executive research company and a complete recruitment consultancy service provider. We are among the very few, or maybe, the first recruitment consultancy company to have obtained certification from CRISIL. We are very well placed and regarded in the Indian corporate segment, especially in industry verticals like FMCG, pharmaceuticals and telecom.

What is the key component for an efficient recruitment process?

It is very important to have complete clarity about the expected outcome of any recruitment process. Profiling of candidates in advance is the only solution for this. Fortunately, we have worked with clients who understand this entirely. They consider our company as an extended arm for their recruitment process. This area also requires great synergy between the recruitment consultancy and HR managers.

What is the biggest challenge that the recruitment industry is facing?

The only issue that this industry is facing is the mushrooming of new firms every day. Since this industry does not have any entry barriers, there are plenty of ‘me-too’ types of recruitment providers. I think standardization of this industry is required to help it overcome this struggle.

What is the present growth rate of the recruitment market?

The recruitment trends in today’s business scenario are extremely positive. This indicates good prospects for the industry’s growth in the next 8 to 12 months. Although the recruitment cycle was at a low in the early part of 2012, it is now showing good progress.

Which segments are indicating good growth prospects presently?

Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and insurance are some of the segments that are very lucrative these days. If FDI becomes stable in the country, the life insurance sector will be the most interesting segment to watch out for, from the perspective of recruitment.

You have also entered the Middle-East market. Please share your plans regarding this.

The Middle-East market is very dynamic. We have just entered into this segment, and are expecting great action in this sphere.

Indian talent is very credible across the world. Because of the fact that Indian managers are hard-working and creative, they enjoy a great reputation worldwide. However, for the Middle-East market, we are also recruiting people from western countries.

How has your experience been, from the revenue growth aspect?

We started operations in 2005, and in the first year, we achieved a turnover of Rs. 18 lakhs. In 2011-12, we registered a turnover of Rs. 3 crore. We did witness a rough patch of slowdown, but managed to grow steadily. We are expecting considerable growth in the next one year.