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Six tips to keep your employees motivated

Employees are the life and force of an organisation. Any organisation – small or big – cannot function efficiently if its employees are unhappy or lack motivation. Here are five important tips to help you, the owner of a small business, keep your employees motivated and challenged.

Communicate effectively

Ensure that you communicate effectively to your employees about the various milestones of the company as well as the different stages that the company passes through. Make it a point to tell your employees not only about the good things, but also the bad things that your company passes through.

This will help your employees feel a connection with the company, and it helps in building a lasting relationship with them.

Take suggestions

Since employees are constantly in touch with the various business processes, they can come up with good and constructive suggestions. Ensure that you routinely ask employees for feedback as well as suggestions on various issues.

Give feedback

Give your employees honest feedback on the work done by them, and different aspects related to them. Do not wait for the annual review to give feedback to your employees. Make it a routine practice. Ensure that you not only offer them constructive criticism, but also praise for work that has been done well.

Offer incentives

Praise and positive feedback does help in boosting the morale of employees. It is crucial to offer monetary as well as non-monetary incentives to your employees for good work done, to keep them challenged and motivated.

Non-monetary incentives can range from employee lunches and dinners, parties or picnics to discount coupons, employee discounts, offering flexi-timings and recognition.

Don’t take advantage

Never take advantage of your employees, and never take them for granted. Treat them as your equals and not your subordinates. Pay heed to their complaints and grievances.

Good work atmosphere

Provide your employees with a good work atmosphere, in which they can work happily. Ensure that your office is neat and clean, with well-functioning basic amenities.

You might also consider introducing recreational activities like games and books to help your employees avoid monotony at work.

Have a transparent work culture, where it is easy for each employee to talk to any other employee or managerial team member and to voice their suggestions and/or complaints. This will go a long way towards making an employee feel safe, happy and motivated in the organisation.ENDs.