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Six tips to improve your corporate gifting

Corporate gifting is a wonderful way to build relationships with your clients, suppliers, investors and other people of value. Your gifts help you stay in public memory, and build awareness about your business and your products/services, too.

SupportBiz lists six tips to maximise the impact of your corporate gifting.

1.     Gift your products/services.

Instead of having exclusive gifts designed for your contacts, consider the possibility of gifting them your own products/services. For instance, if you are a firm that manufacturers cosmetics, you could put together a gift hamper of some chosen products. If you are a beautician, you could offer them a free massage or facial.

This will not only reduce your gifting costs, but also help you publicise your products/services.

2.     Be aware of corporate policies.

Whenever you are thinking of gifting someone, do get yourself acquainted with the corporate gifting policies followed by his/her organisation.

Make sure that the gift/s you plan to give them fall within the realms of those allowed by the corporate gifting policies. Do not insist on offering expensive gifts, not covered under these policies, putting the other person in a problematic situation, or leading to your gifts not being used at all.

3.     Ensure that your gifts are useful.

Do not give fancy gifts that cannot be really used in everyday life. Instead, ensure that the gifts that you give out can be used by your contacts.

This will ensure that they are constantly reminded of your business and your products/services, day in and day out, too.

4.     Be different.

Come holiday season, and everyone is gifting boxes of sweets to the people on their contact lists. Do not join this mad rush, but dare to stand out from the crowd.

Give unique gifts that are different from the ones commonly given in the holiday season. For instance, instead of giving out sweet boxes, you could gift a healthier food item. They will surely be appreciated.

5.     Keep the branding subtle.

It is true that corporate gifts are largely used to market your business, but it is a good idea to keep your branding subtle.

Do not reflect your marketing message be in-your-face on the gifts you give out. Instead, let these gifts be only a subtle reminder of you and your firm.

6.     Be thoughtful.

Ensure that you put in considerable thought into the gifts that you give out. Think over what a majority of your contacts would like to receive, instead of gifting everyone a mass-produced commodity or something chosen by someone else.

Also, it would also be a great to add a handwritten note with each gift. It would add a personal touch to the gift, and go a long way towards impressing your contacts.