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Six tips to hire wonderful employees

Hiring a team of wonderful employees is a major step on your firm’s path towards progress. If you have a great team, you can be sure that your instructions will be followed efficiently, your plans met with success, and your ultimate goals realised.

SupportBiz lists six tips to help you hire great employees.

Work on a good first impression.

Work hard on creating a wonderful first impression of your firm on potential employees who are visiting you. Create a work atmosphere where they would like to spend eight hours every day, five days of the week. If the first impression about your workplace is bad, you will find it difficult to add talented employees to your payroll.

Be clear about the job description.

Take the time to think through what kind of employee the firm really needs. Make a list of the exact requirements of the job you are seeking to hire an employee for. Be clear about what qualities you are looking for in a potential employee. If required, take the suggestions of the other employees in the team. Ensure that the job profile is explained clearly to candidates, and that it does not vary from the actual job profile offered to an employee after he/she joins your firm.

Answer the candidate’s questions.

Before a candidate decides to join your firm, he/she will seek answers to certain questions – Why was he/she considered for the job? Why should he/she join your firm? What benefit will he/she get on joining your firm, vis-a-vis the firm he/she previously worked with? You should be able to answer all of the candidate’s questions honestly, in a way that satisfies him/her.


Do not rely on only one source for getting employees. If you need to attract top talent, you will need to network extensively, even at times when you are not really looking out for employees for your firm. Keep in touch with talented people you know, who can add value to your firm. Get in touch with your role models, colleagues, friends and relatives and ask them to recommend the top performers they know.

Remember it is not always just about the money.

It is true that good remuneration is a major part of an employee’s job satisfaction, but it is not the only aspect. You need to keep this in mind if you want to hire top talent for your firm. Employees need a host of things from a job today, besides good remuneration – a good work atmosphere, status, flexibility at work, as well as opportunities to grow and learn. The importance of each of these things varies for different employees.

Understand what the candidate wants.

Resist the urge to keep talking about your firm and why it is a great place to work in throughout the job interview. Understand that different people want different things from their jobs. Different employees are motivated by different things. You should understand what each candidate is looking for from the job. Be open to the desires of candidates, and be willing to offer them what they really look for.