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The significance of different employee personalities

Some employees are introverts, while some are highly extrovert. Some are problem solvers, while some are innovators. A mix of employees with different temperaments and personalities is a good thing for a firm. SupportBiz lists down the significance of this.

Tapping the best of talent

Different employees come with their own set of talents. Having employees with varying personalities in your firm can help you get the benefit of diverse talents. Teamwork can yield best results.

Balance of strengths and weaknesses

Teams consisting of employees with different personalities are more well-rounded and balanced. Such team mates tend to balance each other strengths and weaknesses. Work projects get the benefit of different kinds of talent and ability. The productivity of the team, as a whole, improves.

Positive work atmosphere

Employees with varying temperaments tend to keep the workplace lively and interesting. This boosts employee morale, and helps reduce turnover and absenteeism.

Sparks creativity

Employees with different temperaments challenge each other, and push each other beyond their boundaries. This fuels creativity and out-of-box thinking.