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Seven tips to reduce workplace negativity

There can be several causes for negativity among employees. Whatever the reasons behind it, workplace negativity can have damaging effects on your business. You should strive to determine and eliminate the causes of such negativity, because only when your employees are happy can your business be healthy and prosperous.

SupportBiz lists seven tips to help you reduce workplace negativity.

Trust your employees

One of the major causes behind negativity at the workplace is the lack of trust by managers on employees, which necessitates micro-managing and the need for approvals for every little thing. Treat your employees as mature human beings, and express your faith in them. Resist the urge to control each activity of theirs, unless absolutely necessary.

Be fair

If you are not a fair employer, it is obvious that your employees will be dissatisfied with their jobs. Strive towards creating a fair workplace. Do not indulge in gossip or unwarranted favouritism and prejudice. Be unbiased. Indulge in fair work practices, and expect the same from your employees. Provide each of your employees a fair chance to prove himself/herself, and to avail of growth opportunities at the workplace.

Allow relevant decisions

Do not take decisions that will deeply impact employees without consulting them. Allow them to take decisions that will concern their work, as far as possible. Do not make your employees feel that you control them and their actions completely - give them the freedom of choice wherever possible.

Provide rewards and recognition

Provide your employees with adequate compensation, as per industry standards and the work allotted to them. Offer them fair raises and other monetary and non-monetary rewards periodically. Do not hog their credit, but give it whenever it is due. Appreciate good work done by your employees publicly.

Be empathetic

Be emphathetic. Be willing to understand the problems/complaints of your employees, and do not ignore or look down at them. Be committed to helping your employees overcome their personal and work struggles, as far as possible, so that they can stay motivated and focused on their jobs.

Provide good leadership

Good leadership equals motivated, productive and satisfied employees. Provide effective direction to your team as and when required. Offer them all the information that they need in order to go about their jobs comfortably. Give them guidance, and help them take the right decisions about their work.

Listen to them

Be willing to listen to the complaints/problems of your employees, and strive to find solutions to them. Listen to them with an open mind, and help them understand that their voice matters to you.