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Seven tips for great workplace organisation

Good organisation at the workplace can drastically improve its appearance and lead to a spike in employee productivity. SupportBiz presents seven simple tips for great workplace organisation.


Take the time to de-clutter your workspace. Get rid of any unwanted files, papers, CDs/DVDs or other equipment that might be crowding work desks or other spaces in the office. A clean and de-cluttered workspace will not only be visually pleasing, but things will be easier to find as well.

Make it easy to maintain

Complex filing systems and work areas might please your employees for a while, but that is about it. Such systems are hard to maintain, and difficult to use. Ensure that you build a workspace that is easy to maintain and move around in.

Consider task flow

Do consider the flow of tasks at your workplace while organising it. It is a good idea to organise workspaces for people and equipment according to the production systems you follow. This will ensure greater efficiency and productivity, as the task flow will improve.

Maintain essentials

Designate a space in your office where you can store essentials like mobile phone chargers, batteries, extra files and note pads, pens, toiletries, energy bars and snacks among other things. This will keep your employees from stressing out over a missed charger or notepad, and help them concentrate on their work better.

Go simple

Choose a simple design for your workspace, as well as the things that you include in it. Choose equipment with minimal design, which will serve the purpose you want it to. Do not go for overly fancy things. Get rid of things that you are not really using in your workspace.

Create a brainstorming area

Create an area in your office where your employees can go to for brainstorming, which is separate from their routine work space. Let this be an area where they can forget about their daily work, and focus solely on generating ideas for dealing with issues on hand. This place can be used for other meetings as well.

Create a resting area

It is a good idea to create a resting area in your office, where your employees can go for relaxation and recreation. This will reduce monotony of routine work, and help your employees return to their work with renewed enthusiasm, energy and passion.