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Seven don'ts for a boss

Ever wonder why some bosses are so loved by their team, while some others are dreaded and hated? What are the qualities that makes a boss a good one or a bad one? SupportBiz presents seven things that a good boss should not do.

Don't play political games

Do not play politics within your team. Do not play members of your team against other members.

Do not favour certain members of your team over others - that will ultimately ruin you. The staff members you favour will ultimately have no interest in working, as they will be favoured by you anyway. The members you do not favour will also, in the long run, lose interest in their work, as they will conclude that you will never favour them anyway.

Don't be a control freak

Once your team mates have proved their capabilities, resist the urge to control them just because you can. Do not be a control freak, and quit micro-managing their work. Step back, and show your employees that you trust them with their work.

Don't always call in an emergency

It is not a good idea to frequently call in an emergency, and asking your employees to put in their efforts towards doing a particular task immediately. Emergencies should only arise sometimes, and only in cases of real urgencies. You can end up becoming a boss that everyone hates if you always call in emergencies just because you can.

Don't treat employees with disrespect

There are many bosses who take undue advantage of the fact that they are bosses, and treat their employees with contempt and disrespect. Do not shout at, criticise or threaten your team mates, least of all publicly.

Don't be self-centred

You can lead a team effectively only when you can get rid of the sense of 'self' and consider your team as a unit working towards the common goals of your organisation. If you, as a boss, are too self-centred and always thinking about yourself, there are chances that you will earn your team's ire. Bosses who always try to hog the limelight, taking the team's credit, not protecting the team or standing up for it mostly end up being hated.

Don't be a bad person

Good bosses are respected and loved by their teams not only for their leadership qualities, but also for the type of person that they are. If you are a good person inside and out, it will reflect in your behaviour with your team mates.

Do not flirt with or take undue advantages of your colleagues. Never ask for personal favours from your team in return for approvals or guidance. Do not be dishonest in your dealings. Do not gossip about your team members with other staff.

Don't be a conspirator

Do not be a conspirator, for a conspiratorial boss is always hated by his/her team. Do not indulge in conspiracies with the higher level of management against your team. Do not withhold important information from your team for your personal benefit, or give them unclear instructions.