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Seven characteristics of good employees

Sincere and efficient employees are an asset to any organisation. It would do a business good to retain such employees and motivate them. But how can you identify which of your employees are good? SupportBiz tells you how.

Good employees are hardworking

Good employees are seriously interested in working hard and completing their tasks, sometimes even doing things they are not required to do. They like to utilise their time efficiently, not to show off to the management, but because they sincerely want to do so.

Good employees are sincere

Good employees have a strong conscience, and they listen to it. They are good human beings, sincere in their work, and do not cheat. They are trustworthy and reliable, and have a reputation of being so. You can trust such an employee to take a decision or do an act that is morally correct.

Good employees are accountable

Good employees come with a high degree of accountability. They are ready to take responsibility for their actions, instead of pointing fingers at others for their mistakes or under-performance. They are willing to learn from their mistakes, and constantly strive for better results.

Good employees seek a deeper contribution

Good employees are not satisfied with just doing their jobs. They are interested in building a deeper connection with the organisation, and contribute more to the firm they work in. They are ready to help other team members, and are always on the lookout to do more for the firm.

Good employees seek constant growth

Good employees are desirous of constantly growing as individuals and as professionals. They wish to keep adding to their existing skills.

Good employees are self-motivated

Good employees do not require someone to continuously monitor or measure their performance. They are self-motivated, and are constantly reviewing their own work. They are interested in learning ways to improve their performance, and learn from the results of their own past work.

Good employees value others

Good employees do not value just themselves, but others in the team as well. They communicate this through their actions. They believe in giving everyone in the team a fair and equal chance at work, and at expressing their opinions. They are willing to understand the viewpoint of other employees, even if it is different from their own.