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Make your employees uphold your business values!

You might have decided upon the best of values for your small business, but these will remain only on paper if not upheld by your staff members. Your business can be run along pre-determined values only if they are followed by your entire team of employees, at all levels of organisation.

SupportBiz lists some tips to help you, as a small business owner, make your employees uphold the core values you want.

1.     Set an example.

Ensure that you as well as the senior management team in your organisation uphold the business principles at all times. These principles should be followed across the management board, in both good and bad times.

Inspire your employees to uphold your business values by setting an example yourself. Be a role model in this respect.

2.     Keep the values alive.

Business values are not something that are once laid down, followed briefly and then forgotten about. It is crucial to keep these values alive at all times.

Ensure that you practise these values in all your decisions and actions, and inspire your staff members to do the same. Communicate the values to your employees often, and remind them of the same constantly. Take a print-out of your statement of values, and stick it in a place where all your employees can see continuously. Send out regular e-mails to your staff members, reminding them to stick to the pre-determined values.

3.     Make them actionable.

Do not let your business values be loose, vague principles that can be interpreted by different staff members in different ways.

Ensure that you convert them into actionable business operation principles, which are clear to your entire organisation.

4.     Communicate them clearly.

For the effective upholding of business values by your employees, they need to be communicated effectively to the entire organisation. Ensure that you let every employee in your firm know the values they are supposed to stick to under any circumstances, in every business operation.

Make sure that your communication in this regard is crystal clear and that there is no scope for any misunderstanding.

5.     Solicit employee feedback.

It is a good idea to seek the feedback of your employees on your business values. What do they think about these values? Do they think they would be comfortable sticking to them? Do they think any changes in values are required?

Make sure that you review the feedback received from employees in this regard thoroughly, and make changes wherever necessary. This will inspire your employees to uphold the values at all times, and make them more comfortable doing so.

6.     Make them committable.

Do not communicate your business values to your employees and then forget all about them. Hold the employees responsible for the upholding of these values. Make the values committable.

Make it clear to your employees that they are supposed to follow these values at all times, under any circumstances, and that they are liable to be fired if they do not do so. Communicate clearly to them that the upholding of values is a must, and that their appraisals would depend on the same.

7.     Attach monetary value to them.

The upholding of business values by your staff members can be made more effective by attaching monetary value to them. Communicate to them the monetary benefits that your firm can attain by sticking to these values, and inform them about their individual contribution to it, if possible.

This will prove to be a great motivator to your employees to uphold business values.

8.     Do away with small disrespects for standards.

A complete betrayal of business standards and a complete non-following of business values begin in small doses. If unchecked, small disrespects by employees for pre-determined standards have the potential to blow up completely.

Hence, ensure that you do not let your employees get away even with such small infractions. Take strict action against the same.

9.     Review regularly.

It is crucial to review your business values regularly, and see if they still hold good. There are chances that some of your values will become outdated, with changes in your circumstances and market conditions. In such cases, insisting on sticking to these values will only make your employees angry and frustrated.

Hence, you should review and revise your business values every now and then, eliminating outdated ones and adding new ones as and when required.