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IT freshers struggle for jobs in Gurgaon

Starting out one’s career with one of the IT firms in Gurgaon is all about tightening the belt for a hard rubbing. The nature of employment dynamics is such that that the balance of power is tilted in the favour of the employer.

“The labour influx into Gurgaon is highly disproportionate to what the IT industry in Gurgaon needs,” says Devanshu Arora, Head of Strategies and Planning, Rankwatch. He explains that in accordance to the basics of supply and demand, the employer is currently spoilt for choice.

Rankwatch is a Gurgaon-based startup, which is into product development. Their flagship product is Google rank tracking and website analysis software.

He credits the mushrooming number of engineering colleges in and around Gurgaon for this dynamics in the market. According to him, the colleges are churning out software engineering graduates in thousands each year. Inevitably the situation has reached to the point that there is a surplus in the labour market. He feels that this situation will soon need some addressing before it becomes a problem. “So many engineering graduates end up in non-IT related fields like BPOs to earn a living. The day won't be far away where an unemployment allowance will be a reality in India like the US.”

Giving a peak into what is happening at job interviews in Gurgaon, Arora said, “The applicants are generally covered in a humble demeanour. They do not even state their salary expectations. They are even ready to work for as low as Rs 8,000 per month.” 

Getting their foot in is the priority for the applicants. It seems their rationale is to enter at any salary and work their way up. “Hiring at higher levels of the industry is a different ball game altogether,” says Arora. “Here if you have the talent and a record to show, you can very well ask for what you want, within reason.”