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Ideas for thank-you notes to employees

Writing thank-you notes to your employees is a good idea; one that will boost the morale of employees greatly. Such letters can be used to motivate employees, and inspire loyalty in them by mentioning their unique contribution and their value to the firm.

SupportBiz presents four ideas for managers in small organisations to offer motivating thank-you notes to their team players.

Special occasions

It is a good idea to present employees with thank-you notes on special occasions like the anniversary of the firm, or during the New Year celebration, or an office party to celebrate some significant achievement. Alternatively, a manager can also keep track of the birthdays and anniversaries of his/her team members, and offer thank-you notes to them on these occasions.


If an employee makes a valuable innovation that saves the firm a significant amount of expenditure, time or effort, a thank-you note is called for. Similarly, if an employee points out a significant opportunity for growth to the firm, or makes use of such an opportunity for the firm’s benefit, a thank-you note becomes essential. Also, employees who help the firm develop new processes or meeting significant challenges innovatively should also be rewarded with a thank-you note.

Team spirit

Whenever a manager notices an employee exhibiting a keen team spirit, it is good to award a thank-you note to him/her. For instance, if an employee gives a new joinee exceptional help in learning the ropes, notices an issue and resolves it before it becomes a full-blown problem, or is ready to guide his other team members for the benefit of the firm, he/she deserves a thank-you note.

Exceptional performance

Sometimes employees exhibit exceptional performance, going above and beyond their call of duty to save a certain situation, achieve a project deadline, or to get an order. It would be great if the concerned managers can reward such outstanding performers with thank-you notes, mentioning the valuable contribution they have made to the firm.