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An HR Company that Focuses on MSME Recruitments

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An HR Company that Focuses on MSME Recruitments
Hyderabad-based HR services company targets MSMEs with an online recruitment facility that is aimed at bringing down hiring costs by a third.

Mumbai, November 27: A Hyderabad-based HR Services Company has launched an exclusive recruitment and retention service program that provides a platform to link small and medium enterprises (SME) and job seekers. 

A report published in the Business Standard (Read the Full Story) says the TMI Group's 'JobsDialog' as a one-stop web resource to connect graduates, diploma holders from ITI and MBAs with no experience to cater to the growing demand from the MSME sector.

The report quotes TMI Group Chairman T. Muralidharan as stating that the project aimed to reduce recruitment costs for the SMEs and ensuring that graduates could be hired by companies in or near their home towns. 

As against an average per person cost of hiring of around Rs.34,000, the placement done by TMI would work out to between Rs.5,000 and Rs.7,000. The entire process at JobsDialog is via a toll free call or through the website as a result of which the costs would be considerably lower.

The company would be setting up a call center with a toll free number that can be called by employers seeking to recruit who would then be guided by TMI experts over the phone. Even the candidate interview would be completed on the phone itself.