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How MSMEs Can Benefit From An Academic Connect

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How MSMEs Can Benefit From An Academic Connect
Bangalore, January 27: Micro, small and medium enterprises can fuel economic growth in India, provided the government and private bodies work on creating linkages between these industries and the academia at a regional and national level, a published media report suggests.

The report published in the Daily News and Analysis (DNA) website (Read the Full Report) says seeking a common policy amidst the heterogenity of resources, domains and financial condictions of the MSMEs across the country would be a waste of time. 

"Within a region, sometimes there can be many associations with multiple agenda, which then the government uses to legitimize its inertia and inefficiency," says Anil Gupta, a professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), adding that the solution is to create a policy that leverages the strengths of MSMEs instead of talking about the weaknesses. 

He says in an article published on the DNA website that an important linkage that could help MSMEs modernize and improve their efficiencies would be creation of a connect with the field of academics. "The National Innovation Council (NIC) failed but the Honey Bee Network and SRISTI have achieved results in collaboration with Gujarat Technical University," he said. 

As part of these programs, students benchmarked the problems facing about 10,000 MSMEs and delivered outcomes as part fo their final year project. This model can be replicated across the country, he said adding that while Punjab has already taken some steps, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka were catching up.

He also referred to the importance of taking these MSMEs digital. "It will be difficult to harness the full potential of global markets unless we create websites for all MSMEs," says Gupta adding that there are several thousand computer science students in every major city who can create the digital assets for these MSMEs.