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How to hire and retain the right employees

Efficient, reliable and sincere employees are one of the secrets of success of any business organisation. However, to find such employees, hire and retain them is a challenge to be reckoned with. Here are some tips to hire and retain the right kind of talent for your small business.

The right job description

When you place an advertisement for hiring, do ensure that the job description is just right. Use words that will convey the exact sense of the job profile to interested candidates. You might also consider putting in a few words about your work culture, ethics, salary, among others, so that the advertisement attracts the right candidates.

Consider internal talent

Some of your own employees might be perfect fits for other positions within your organisations. Consider your internal pool of talent and encourage suitable candidates to take up other, more fitting jobs within the business, rather than looking for fresh talent.

An impactful interview

The job interview should be impactful, in the sense that there should be clear, two-way communication. Ensure that you communicate to the candidate exactly what you are looking for in an employee, what the job profile will entail, work culture, salary, among others. At the same time, it is crucial to understand what exactly the candidate is looking for from his job and his employer.

Probation period

Set a suitable probation period for the new candidates that you hire. Assess them thoroughly during this stage, which will give you an idea of whether he/she is a right fit for the organisation. During this stage, be prepared to give honest feedback on the work that the employee has undertaken, and to listen to what he/she has to say, too.

Align values

Ensure that the candidates you select have values that align with your personal ones, as well as with the work ethics of your company.

Good work environment

A good salary package alone does not make a satisfied and motivated employee. It is also crucial for you to provide a good work environment to your employees.

The workplace should be clean, hygienic and comfortable to work in, equipped with basic facilities such as a pantry and washrooms.

Encourage an openly communicative culture as well as transparent work processes in your organisation. Trust your employees, and resist the tendency to micro-manage them.


You should provide monetary as well as non-monetary incentives to motivate your employees, and keep them happy. It is a form of appreciation on your part for a job well done, and goes a long way towards retaining valuable good talent.

Professional assessment tests

There are several professional assessment tests available to judge the skills of prospective employees at various levels. You can make use of these tests to assess competencies, and hire employees who score reasonably well on them.

Listen effectively

As a small business owner, you should be keen to listen to feedback from your employees – both positive and negative. Be prepared to understand the complaints and grievances of your employees, and to help in solving these to the best of your abilities.

Assign a mentor

A new employee can feel lost and disoriented in your company. To avoid this, it is crucial that you assign a mentor, to work with the employee. The mentor should be an experienced employee from your organisation, who could guide the new employee in the work to be done. Mentoring not only makes the new employee comfortable, but also helps in leadership training.