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How to give your office a quick make-over

The festive season could give you an opportunity to give your office the make-over that you always wanted to. The time is perfect to make your work space more interesting and inviting. Here are some tips to give your office a quick new look, without burning a hole in your budget.

Bring in the greens

Bring in some plants into your office. This is a great way to add to the aesthetics of your office, and is environment-friendly as well. Ensure that you choose plants that can grow in an indoor environment, are pleasing to the eye, and easy to maintain.

Break down cubes

Cubicles are boring, and can seem confining. You might want to look at breaking down some panels, to create a few areas where employees can work together, collaboratively in groups.

Create an open space

If there is unused space in your office, you could think of knocking down the cubicles and building an open area where employees can have lunch, discuss work, chat, receive calls or just relax.

Get games

It is a great idea to get some games for your office, depending upon the culture of your organisation. You can choose a few indoor games like Zenga, Ludo, Carrom or Chess, or more active games like Table Tennis.


You could consider decorating your office for the festive season. You could even choose a theme, and have each employee decorate his/her cubicle independently.

Consider expert opinion

You could also consult with experts about how to infuse some zest into your office within a limited budget and without any loss of man-hours. An outsider’s perspective can work wonders in this regard.

Change some furniture

Change some of the furniture around your office. You could think of bringing in more ergonomic chairs, build storage space, or change the work desks.

Aesthetic touches

Consider the possibility of adding small aesthetic touches to your office, such as hanging some paintings, getting a wall mural done, or adding some funky colours to your office decor.

Get a TV

You could also consider buying a TV for your employees, so that they can access news or sports when they want to. This will help make your employees feel more comfortable at work, keep them motivated and help them take a break.