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How to get the most out of employee training

The importance of employee training for a business cannot be emphasised enough. Providing training is a great way to boost the morale of your employees, as it helps them develop their business skills. It is a good incentive to offer your staff, motivating them and reducing turnover.

Moreover, training improves the productivity of your employees, ultimately helping you cut down losses, increase profitability, an improvement in the quality of production, meeting competition more effectively.

SupportBiz presents some tips for you to provide effective training to your staff members.

Identify gaps

The first step to offer effective training to your employees is to identify the gaps existing in your organisation. Study the existing skills of your employees, and understand what more they wish to learn. Determine what kind of skills will be needed for your business to grow. If you are clear about this, you can ensure that you provide the right kind of training to your staff.

Determine your options

Take the time to study the various options available to you to train your employees. Is it possible for someone from the senior management to train your staff? Is there is a training institute you can approach? Do you have access to a corporate trainer? Can your local college help? Are there any online resources that you can tap? Can you network with other entrepreneurs to find out how they trained their employees, and what medium was the most effective? Understanding the different options available to you will help you choose the most cost-effective one, which will be best for your employees.

Consider different learning styles

Understand that different employees have different learning styles. Some learn better from online courses, while some need to do hands-on work on projects in order to learn. Some require pushing and counselling from a trainer, in person. Thus, the same style of training might not work for all your employees. Keep in mind this fact as you consider different training options for your employees.

Consider employees’ opinions

Since it is your employees who are going to undergo training, it is but fair that you consider their opinions regarding the same. Ask around to find out what skills your employees wish to learn, and how they would like to learn. This will give you valuable insights into your employees’ psychology, give you ideas that you might not have had otherwise, and help you train them better.

Measure the impact of training

In order to get maximum benefit out of training, ensure that your employees utilise the new skills they have acquired in their day-to-day work. Devise methods to measure the improvement in their performance, after training, so that you can know exactly how the training has impacted them.


A number of firms believe that training will make their employees more job-worthy, and cause them to look out for other, better paying positions. However, this might not be the case if you provide your employees opportunities to advance their careers within the organisation itself. Reward employees who have successfully utilised the skills gained through training – this can be done by giving them a better role in the organisation or new assignments which will further enhance their personalities.