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How to discover employees’ latent skills

Imagine if you have someone in your team who has wonderful managerial abilities, which are not being utilised in their current position at all. That is a pity right? All the more if you are looking for a manager, and are not able to find a good one. It is always a good idea to understand the hidden skills of your employees, and put them to good use, rather than hiring someone else and then training them to take on a particular post. Existing employees are already adjusted to the company culture and work styles, and hence, would be better fits.

Here is how you discover your employees’ hidden skills.

Listen closely

Listen – really listen – to your employees while they talk to you or amidst themselves about work or other matters. This will give you a fair idea of what each employee likes doing, and what he/she is good at.

Be friendly

Be friendly with your team. Consider them as your friends rather than as your employees. Spend time talking to them. This will help you know what skills each team member of yours possesses.

Consider suggestions and references

If you are looking for someone to fill a particular position, ask around in your organisation as to who would be suitable for the same. You might want to send out an official e-mail in this regard. Consider thoroughly the suggestions and references that your employees give you. You might find someone good for the position within your organisation itself.

Be updated

Always be updated about the educational qualifications and prior work experience of each of your employees. You should know when one of your employees takes to a certain course to help him/her develop additional skills. You might want to use these skills in your business. Your HR manager could greatly help you in this regard.

Pay attention to performance appraisals

Performance appraisals are a great opportunity to ask your employees to evaluate themselves, determine the skills they possess, and rate themselves accordingly. Study these self-ratings and evaluation thoroughly. Also, you should consider the rating that each employee has been given by his/her immediate manager. This will give you a fairly accurate idea of the skills that your employees possess.

Ask for volunteers

Whenever you need to undertake a new project, you could try asking for someone from your organisation to voluntarily take charge of it. This will give your employees a chance to re-evaluate their skills, and to work towards a position that utilises their latent talents.


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