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How can your desk impact your productivity?

Having the right kind of desk at work is something that is crucial, but often not given the importance it deserves. An improper desk can not only hamper your productivity, but can also create health-related issues for you.

Here is how a desk can affect your productivity adversely.

Incorrect ergonomics

If the ergonomics of your work desk are not quite right, it can cause you to slump, keep your back overly straight, or sit in other uncomfortable positions that strain your muscles. This can lead to back pain, leg or hand pain and other ailments. The problem could be with your work chair, table or computer system – for instance, your chair might not be high enough or your computer monitor might be higher than required for you.

Look into these issues at the earliest possible and have them resolved, before they become a huge problem for you.

Improper light fittings

The use of improper light fittings at work can cause health issues, take away from your focus at work and adversely affect your productivity. Lights that are too bright can be harsh on your eyes, causing you immense discomfort. Similarly, lights that are too dull can lead to eye strain.

Have such issues looked at and resolved at the earliest possible.

Desk toys

Quirky and colourful toys can prove to be a nice personal touch and a wonderful addition to your work desk, but they can also prove to be terrible distractions. They could divert your attention from work, and cause you to take more breaks than necessary.

If that is so, you should keep such toys away from your line of sight, in your drawer, and use them only once in a while.


Having clocks in your line of vision at work can prove to be a distraction, reminding you of the passage of time and causing panic.

If so, ensure that you keep clocks out of sight in your work area.

Piles of papers

Having to look at piles of papers while working can distract you and cause panic, by reminding you of all the tasks that remain undone.

It is a good idea to store the piles of papers related to your unfinished jobs in your desk drawer, taking them out only when necessary.