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Get the best out of your freelancers!

In today's age of fast Internet connections, mobile phones and virtual offices, the trend of hiring freelancers is picking up. More and more firms, especially small ones - with limited resources, are discovering the benefits of hiring freelancers instead of full-time employees.

SupportBiz lists tips for you to get the best out of freelancers.

Respect their commitments

Most freelancers are busy juggling several projects and deadlines simultaneously. It would do you good to respect their commitments, and be as flexible as possible in dealing with them. Brief them about the work you want done well in advance, and do not place undue demands on their time, unless absolutely necessary.

Build a relationship

Work slowly and steadily towards building up a strong relationship with your freelancers. Be willing to understand what works for them and what doesn't. Be willing to understand their problems, and in helping them resolve these issues. Take the time to understand the freelancer's capabilities and pace of working.

Make them feel included

Since most freelancers work away from office premises, it is all too easy for them to feel that they are not a part of your team of regular employees. It is easy for them to feel ignored and isolated. Spend time on making your freelancers feel good about your organisation, feel that are a part of the team, too. Don't forget to invite them to work parties and other special occasions at your workplace, and help them bond with your regular employees.

Find out their best talents

It could be challenging for you to find out where the real talents of your freelancers lie, vis-a-vis your regular employees. Ensure that you spend time on understanding the capabilities of your freelancers, and learn what they are best at doing. Find out what they love doing. This will help you allocate projects to them that will interest them and which they will be good at.