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Four ways to surprise your new employee

How many of you got bored on day one at your new school? Is it because you did not have anyone to talk to? Or is it because teachers spoke of classes, schoolwork and deadlines? We think it is all of this. So why would it be different at your new workplace?

Most companies focus their energies on hiring but fail to do much when it comes to making the new employee’s first day at work interesting. Here are four things you could do to make that first day memorable.

A taxi ride

Send a cab to pick the new employee from his / her house on day one. Why, you ask? Why not, we say. It makes the employee feel special; and it is just one cab ride that we are talking about. Hardly an expense!

A ‘no work’ policy on day one

Do you want your new employee to feel overwhelmed on day one? I guess not. Let the individual spend day one getting to know people in the team, and his / her manager. Ask the employee to spend the first day filling forms, signing contracts and complete all work related documentation.

Think beyond luncheons

Lunch meetings with team members are a thing of the past. Get the entire team to grab lunch and then catch a movie on the employee’s first day. Weekday tickets, in Bangalore at least, are not as expensive as weekend tickets.  

Do not assign a mentor

Do not jump off your chairs now. We are not talking of management mentors. We do realize that assigning mentors is part of ‘the corporate mantra’. But let us give this a little more thought – how do we know which two people are compatible? Give it time. Good friendships at work build over time. Meanwhile, get HR to check on new employees twice a week, for an entire month.