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Four tips to help you work better from home

On a day of a nation-wide shutdown, like on Thursday, many across India are forced to work from home to avoid getting caught in potential clashes on the streets. Working from home may not come easily to everybody. Here are a few tips to help improve your productivity while working from home.

Plan. Else, you will panick
Plan your day well in advance. Ensure you have all the files you need on email or on portable hardrive. Make sure you have numbers of your co-workers and manager stored on your phone. If businesses across your state / the country are unsure about their working hours as well, make it a point to collect mobile numbers of your business contacts - they too will be working from home.

Stay connected
It is very easy for your manager to think you are wasting time and not working. Log in to the office instant messaging (IM) platform or use your email client's IM, that is, Yahoo Messenger of Google Chat for instance, to let others know you are working. Charge your phone and keep it with you always. It can be very frustrating for your manager or co-worker when the find it difficult to reach you.

Take breaks, inform the others
You enjoy coffee breaks at your workplace because it helps you relax and re-charge. Do so at home as well but make it a point to to tell the others on your team that you are taking a break, and that you are reachable on your mobile phone, just like in the office.

Find the right spot
This could be your favourite couch at home; the dining table; or a study table. Remember that sitting posture matters if your work requires you to spend long hours in front of the computer. You do not want to miss the next day's work because of a back ache from slouching an entire day.