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Four tips to build a humane workplace

A humane workplace helps in boosting employee morale, thus ensuring that employees are more content and happy doing their job.

This, in turn, results in a lower employee turnover, which helps in cutting several costs and improving your reputation as a good employer. Moreover, a humane workplace also enhances employee productivity and efficiency, which helps in improving sales, profitability and growth.

It is, hence, worthwhile for an entrepreneur to invest time, money and effort in making his/her workplace a humane one. SupportBiz lists four ways in which this can be achieved.

1.     Build personal relationships and encourage them.

Do not hesitate to build friendly, warm and personal relationships with your employees. After all, they are the people you spend a majority of your day with. Encourage other employees to build friendly relationships with their colleagues as well; foster such a culture in your organisation.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each employee on a personal level, and assign them work accordingly. Similarly, strive to understand the problems that your employees face – both personal and professional, and help them overcome them. Keep track of the milestones in your employees’ personal lives, and congratulate them on the same.

However, you should remember to also be firm, while building personal relationships with your employees. Do not become overly friendly and lenient with your employees, so as to allow lapses in professional conduct.

2.     Give time offs.

Arrange your work routine in such a way that you can offer each employee periodic time offs. Encourage them to take a random day off, over and above their regular leaves and holidays. It will mean a tremendous lot to them, and they will always remember you for their generosity.

Regular time offs, especially random ones, help employees in recharging their batteries and in alleviating stress. Therefore, when they return to work, it will be thoroughly rejuvenated, full of energy, passion and creativity, which is great for you.

At the same time, it is crucial to ensure that employees do not take advantage of this leniency of work. Do not hesitate to offer an employee a day off, but do not let this affect your business negatively.

3.     Empower your employees.

It is a good idea to empower your employees, by giving them the freedom to take certain decisions within their scope of work. Let them be the judge of how they want to do their work, what clients they want to approach and how they want to proceed with a project.

Do not hesitate to place complete trust on your employees, and give them the space to work to the best of their abilities. Do not micromanage them, unless absolutely required.

Empowering your employees will convey to them the message that you really trust and value them, and boost their morale and productivity greatly.

4.     Enable them to do something different.

Doing the same thing over and over every day breeds monotony and frustration. The same is the case with your employees. Understand this, and enable your employees to do something different once in a while.

You do not have to offer your employees expensive vacations or keep sending them on one workshop after another. Allow them to work with different departments or on different projects routinely, so that they understand how their other colleagues work. Ask your employees for suggestions routinely on what they would like to do differently, in their job profile, and sincerely strive to accommodate these aspects wherever possible.

However, it is crucial that in allowing your employees to be different, you do not lose track of what they were originally hired for. Ensure that the work each of your employees is given is commensurate with his/her skillsets and weaknesses.