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Four things you must tell new employees

The initial few weeks after a new employee joins you can be quite a confusing period of time. It is quite possible that such employees have not yet been properly integrated into work, or assigned a project and a team. Instead of just letting new employees figure out their own way around the office and work, it would do you well to onboard them systematically.

SupportBiz lists four things you should tell your new employees, which will help them understand your firm and their work in a much better way.

A detailed explanation of your business

The first thing you should tell your new employees is how your business works. Tell them the factors that drive your business, and the principles by which you function. Describe to them the competitive advantages your business possesses, and how you add value to the lives of your clients. Explain to your new employees how the job that they have been hired to do will contribute to the overall business. It will highly motivate them to know that they matter in terms of the value that they add in the entire scheme of things.

Why you hired them

Another thing you should tell your new employees is why exactly you hired them in the first place. Tell them what set them apart from the other candidates that you interviewed. Describe those skills of theirs that stood out, which you value, and which can be of great importance to your business. Tell them things about their past experience, work ethics and qualifications that you liked. It is a great morale booster for new employees to know about what helped you make your hiring decision.

The internal and external people they will need to work with

It is crucial that you tell your new employees the people within and outside the firm who they will have to get in touch with during the course of their work. Clearly map out how the employees’ work would affect these internal and external parties. Understanding this will help the new employees know how they should go about their work, and the process that they should follow.

Immediate tasks to do and feedback

It is unfair to keep new employees waiting for projects for long periods after they join. Moreover, endless days spent only in training can prove to be boring for the employee. Hence, you should set before them certain small tasks, related to their job, which they can complete immediately. Offer them feedback on the work done by them, which will help them improve themselves. This process will help your new employees gear up for the full-fledged responsibilities that their jobs will entail, and know exactly how you want them done.